What to do in and around Sydney, Australia

Sydney – a city that I fell in love with immediately. Normally, I am not a fan of big cities, but Sydney is a special one for me. It literally blew me away, as it has so much to offer! In this blog post, I will tell you the reasons why and what I love about this incredible city. 

1. Kirribilli 

I love Kirribilli! It’s a part of Sydney, where all the rich people live (including the Prime Mister of Australia). It’s on the opposite side of the Opera House and Sydney’s Harbour. I love the unique houses at Kirribilli, the little bakeries and the breathtaking view of the Skyline of Sydney. Kirribilli reminds me a bit of the tv show “Charmed” that I binge watched as I child, haha

How to get there:

We took the train to “Milsons Point Station” early in the morning and walked to a wharf. We planned to go to a parking space near Dr. Mary Booth Lookout, because we heard that from there you have a beautiful view of  Sydneys skyline but we couldn’t find it!
Instead, we took the ferry back to Circular Quay (Sydney’s Main Harbour). We had an incredible view of the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge! I can totally recommend taking a boat there at sunrise or sunset. 

2.  Bondi Beach & Bondi to Coogee Walk

We spent one morning in Bondi, a suburb of Sydney. Bondi is famous for its beautiful beaches and coastline, where many surfers are catching waves every day, for its instagramable hipster cafés and for it’s active and young inhabitants. 

How to get there:

We took the bus from Circular Quay to Bondi. The ride takes about 25 minutes. 

What to do:

First things first – breakfast! We stopped at the famous “Speedos Café” to indulge in their delicious meals. I heard about this café many times from different Instagramers and Youtubers – and it did not disappoint at all! It’s a cute little café that is located on a hill and it has an amazing view over the famous Bondi Beach. Speedos is always packed! But the food and the drinks are definitely worth waiting for. They offer a breakfast and a lunch menu for meat eaters but also for veggies and vegans. We ordered vegan pancakes, an Acai bowl, a matcha latte and fresh orange juice. Everything tasted absolutely delicious but quality has its price. We paid 50AUD which is around 35 Euros. I know this café is more on the pricier side but I totally recommend this place for a good and healthy breakfast. 

After breakfast we went on the “Bondi to Coogee”-Walk. It’s a six-kilometer walk along the coastline of Sydney. The walk features stunning views of beautiful beaches, parks, cliffs, bays and rock pools. The perfect walk to take cool photos, relax or swim in the sea.

3. The National Parks

One of the many reasons why I’m in love with Sydney is that the city is very close to a lot of huge national parks. The Royal National Park, the Blue Mountains National Park or the Kanangra Boyd National park – just to name a few. These National Parks are so big! You can probably spend weeks there & won’t see everything.

  • Royal National Park

The Royal National Park is only half an hour drive away from the city center (depending on the traffic!). The landscape is so unique and lush green. There are huge trees and a lot of kangaroos! Unfortunately, our time was limited so we only went to the Figure 8 Pools.

How to get to the Figure 8 Pools:

We parked our car at the “Garrawarra Farm Carpark”. Then we walked 45mins to the Burning Palms Beach. (there are signs, too!)

Even the way down was absolutely breathtaking! We passed giant trees and had an insane view of the sea. The weather wasn’t the best when we went there but it was still a magical place. You have to climb over big (slippery) rocks to get to the Figure 8 Pools, therefore, I recommend to wear good shoes. But keep in mind: only go there when it’s low tide, otherwise it can get very dangerous as some people have died because of the strong waves at high tide! When we reached the pools we jumped into the (ice cold) water and had so much fun taking photos with the drone. You really have to check this place out when you’re in Sydney!

  • Kanangra Boyd National Park

The Kanangra Boyd National Park is a bit further away from Sydney’s City Center, but it’s absolutely a must see in my opinion! Everybody goes to the Blue Mountains but only a few backpackers or tourists go to Kanangra Boyd. And that’s one reason why I like this National Park – there are no crowds, no people and more silence. The other thing why I love this NP is, because of the “Kanangra Walls”. This place is true magic – believe me. 

The road to get there is quite bumpy (I recommend driving a 4WD! We drove there with our campervan and it was all good but you have to be very careful) but it’s also a very scenic drive. After parking your car at the parking spot of the “Kanangra Walls”, it’s only a 5-minute walk to the Lookout Point. We went there at sunset and it was absolutely incredible. 

There is also a campsite (of course, with no electricity) where we camped overnight in our van. At sunrise, we went back to the Walls and went on the “Plateau Walking Track” where we took these photos.

4. Newtown

One evening Raph and I were looking for a restaurant to have dinner and we figured out that every restaurant was closed after 4pm in the city. We were literally starving and then we asked a man on the street if he knew a restaurant with vegan options. He kindly recommended us to go to “Newtown”, where everybody in Sydney goes for dinner.

How to get there:

We took the train from Circular Quay. The ride took us about 15-20 minutes.

Newtown looks like a city out of a movie and I love the vibe there. On the main street of Newtown there are lots of different restaurants.  One evening we ate vegan pizza at “Gigi’s” vegan pizzeria. Another evening we tried “Lentils as Anything” – an amazing restaurant with a unique concept. There are several vegan dishes you can choose from – there is no menu, the dishes are different every day (check the menu on their Instagram @menuelentilnewtown). The special thing about this place is that you can decide what you want to pay! No price list, no cashier. You can put money into a box when you leave the restaurant. I really love this place because it’s so affordable and I love that they help people in need. The chefs and waiters work there on a voluntary basis. Lentils as Anything also offer different free activities every day (eg. Yoga classes, dance classes, workshops and different presentations). You can find this amazing restaurant also in some other cities in Australia. Check their website for more!

So these are some of my favorite spots in and around Sydney. Unfortunately, we only had a few days to explore this amazing city. But it wasn’t our last time there, for sure. I can’t wait to go there again and find new cool places! This city has sooo much to offer and I just love the happy vibes of Sydney.

What’s your favorite city in the world? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. ordinarybucketlist

    I love the photos! My favorite city for now is Paris but this will probably change with more traveling 😀 Sydney and whole Australia are high on my bucketlist. If I will be traveling there one day I will definitely come back to this post to not skip any of those places 😀 :*

    • Jacqueline ZsifkovitsBlogger

      Thank you so much for your comment babe! I hope you get to see Australia very soon, it’s my favorite country so far 🙂

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