Healthy Food Hacks while traveling

Eating healthy is important, especially while traveling. Why? Because our body gets more sensitive and needs to be protected against different external influences such as long flights, different climates or lower standards of hygiene. All these circumstances can have an impact on our immune system and may cause different kinds of diseases. If you want to avoid getting sick on your travels, a healthy lifestyle is key. You think it’s hard? In this blog post, I’m gonna tell you my personal tips for staying healthy while traveling and I guarantee you, it’s not as hard as it seems.

1. Check the local cuisine 

Before I travel to a new country, I always check out the local cuisine. Thai cuisine, for example, has many vegetarian/vegan dishes, so it’s really easy to eat healthy in Thailand. But also in countries, where the local cuisine consists of fried, fatty & unhealthy food I always find places to eat good & healthy food. I use or to find vegan/vegetarian restaurants. I then mark those in my Google Maps App so I don’t need to search for them when I am hungry, haha.

2. The customer is king

When you can’t find a “health food restaurant”, you don’t have to give up healthy eating. Let’s say you go to a pizzeria. It’s actually really easy to eat healthy there. I always ask if the dough of the pizza contains milk or eggs, as I am vegan. Most of the time I order a pizza with lots of vegetables but without cheese. (believe it or not – it actually tastes amazing!) I skip the garlic oil and sometimes I order a side salad as well.
I know it’s not the healthiest of all meals, but you’re on a good way.
But you can find vegetables, salads, rice, potatoes etc. in every other restaurant. The side-menu is your friend! 😉 
Don’t be afraid to ask, most of the time the waiter & chef are very understanding.  

3. Do it yourself

Another tip, to maintain a healthy diet when traveling is to book a room/apartment with a little kitchen (most Airbnb’s have them!). By doing so, you can prepare snacks and meals for your adventures at your accommodation, which probably saves you a lot of money (and time as well). You don’t have to cook a five-course meal. Here are some healthy snack ideas that are easy & quick to prepare:

– overnight oats with cinnamon or cocoa powder & fruits 

– muesli parfait with oats, seeds, nuts, yogurt and fruits

– wraps/sandwiches with hummus, avocado, beans (mash them with spices), salad leaves and grated carrot

– a huge salad with all kind of vegetables (pro tip: sautee some in a pan, like mushrooms or zucchini), beans, grains

Sometimes I buy premade foods that I pimp up with healthy stuff.
For example: Buy organic vegetable soup (in a can or glass), add beans, greens (broccoli, spinach, peas..) and carbs (potatoes, rice, quinoa..)

Be creative with your meals. I often use Pinterest to find new recipes. 

4. Balance is key, but nobody’s perfect!

The last and probably most important thing is: don’t be too hard on yourself. In the end, you should ENJOY your trip! Little “treats” are totally fine & also essential for a balanced diet, in my opinion. One “unhealthy” meal won’t make you fat just as one healthy meal won’t make you skinny! So try the local cuisine, don’t be too strict with yourself & try to find a balance with eating healthy & treating yourself. I know it’s easier said than done, but try to tune in and listen to your body.

How do you stay healthy while traveling? Let me know what works for you in the comments below 🙂 


  1. ordinarybucketlist

    I always try to cook by myself while traveling escpecially because it’s a lot cheaper 😂 but I also think this is the best way to stay healthy because I know excatly all the ingredients ☺️ and in every new place I’m going once to a restaurant for a local meal and then I don’t really care is it healthy, just that one time ☺️

  2. World of Lina

    Das sind echt sehr gute und hilfreiche Tipps! Ich liebe selber kochen, ist zwar aufwändiger aber schmeckt einfach besser ☺️

    • Jacqueline ZsifkovitsBlogger

      Danke dir! 🙂 da geb ich dir so recht! vor allem weiß man eben was drin ist 🙂

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